Infographics on Finnish climate policy now available in English

What are the climate objectives Finland is committed to achieving? What are the sources of greenhouse gas emissions in Finland? What is being done to mitigate climate change and adapt to it in different sectors? Now you can learn about Finnish climate policy through pictures.

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Survey: Society’s Commitment to Sustainability also benefits participants' own organisations

According to a new survey, operators that have made a commitment to sustainable development are very satisfied with the results of the commitment. Four out of five operators that have made commitments reported that their implementation has benefited their organisation and that sustainable development is now understood to mean concrete measures.

Finland calls for phase-out of fossil fuel subsidies

In the lead-up to a major climate conference in Paris a coalition of governments is calling for the phase-out of subsidies to fossil fuels.
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What is the Society’s Commitment to Sustainability?

Watch the video and learn about the Finnish model to implement sustainable development on the ground - the Society's Commitment to Sustainability - and the commitments different actors have made to secure a good life now and for the future generations.

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