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The berry season is starting – check out the meaning of the everyman's rights

Public access rights, or so-called everyman's rights, refer to the right of everyone in Finland to enjoy outdoor pursuits regardless of who owns or occupies an area. You do not need the landowner's permission, and there is no charge. However, you must not damage the environment or disturb others while exercising public access rights. Read more

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Closer Finnish-Japanese cooperation in environmental research

The Finnish Environment Institute SYKE and the National Institute for Environmental Studies of Japan NIES have signed a cooperation document to promote joint projects between the two institutes. The aim is to improve the exchange of information between the countries, strengthen the research networks, and support joint research on a long-term basis. The initiative to the agreement came from Japan.

Implementation of the EU climate package and Paris Agreement on the agenda of the Environment Ministers’ meeting

The EU Ministers of the Environment meet in Luxembourg on Monday 19 May. They will discuss two legislative proposals concerning sectors not covered by the Emissions Trading System (non-ETS sectors): effort-sharing among Member States with regard to the climate targets to 2030 and the role of the land use, land use change and forestry sector (LULUCF) in the climate framework.
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