Minister Tiilikainen
© Picture: Pentti Hokkanen, Environmental Administration's Image Bank

Minister Tiilikainen: Forests have an important role in the mitigation of climate change

Mr. Kimmo Tiilikainen, Finland's Minister of Agriculture and the Environment, gave the opening speech at a seminar on forestry and climate diplomacy, held at the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE on 16 September. The event was part of the European Uninon's Climate Diplomacy Week.

"To achieve long-term climate goals, emissions and removals need to be in balance in the second half of this century. This means, that at the same time while reducing emissions, there is also a need to maintain and increase forest carbon sequestration and stocks. In Finland, we have actively worked towards sustainable forest management, leading to an increase of our forest carbon sequestration capacity and stocks. Bioeconomy means sustainable use of natural resources in products, energy, food and services. I believe that, in order to achieve a balance between emissions and removals, we need to face out the use of fossil carbon and replace it by renewable bio-carbon", the minister stated.

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