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New Year's Resolution for 2019 - combat climate change?

The Prime Minister’s Office has released the Commitment2050 service for citizens where anyone who wishes can draw up a personal plan and commit to reducing their carbon footprint by half. The Commitment2050 service calculates users’ carbon footprint and points them towards everyday actions tailored specifically to their needs. The 100 different actions in the service help users to reduce their carbon footprint one step at a time. Read more 

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Negotiators agree on stringent rules for Paris Climate Agreement

Negotiators at the Climate Change Conference in Katowice, Poland have reached a deal on implementing the Paris Climate Agreement. Moving forward, the countries will monitor their emissions and report on them according a uniform set of rules. They will also communicate comprehensively about their commitments to reduce emissions. Special allowances for developing countries have to do primarily with delays in reporting and the level of detail required in the reports.

The new assessment of Finland’s threatened habitat types was a major effort for the science community

The assessment of threatened habitat types in Finland, published on 18 December, is a complete description of the current state of all habitat types found in Finland, from the Baltic Sea all the way to the fell area. Even globally, the new “Red List” is exceptionally comprehensive and thorough.

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