Holiday Wonders - Season's Greetings from the Ministry of the Environment

The animated season's greetings from the Ministry of the Environment displays some of the key themes from the Ministry's strategy, such as green growth, nutrient cycle and renewable energy - with a clear focus on future generations. Let the story lead you towards the holiday season!

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Preliminary agreement on directive proposal concerning farming of GM crops

The EU Member States have approved the preliminary agreement that the European Parliament and the Commission came to last week on a directive proposal concerning the farming of GM crops. The long-prepared proposal deals with the right of Member States to prohibit the farming of genetically modified crops.

Artificial Snow to Safeguard Saimaa Ringed Seal Nesting Gets Biodiversity Award 2013-2014

The Biodiversity Award for 2013-2014 goes to the voluntary work to safeguard the nesting of Saimaa Ringed Seal by covering the nests with artificial snow. Nature education for children gets an honorary award.
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Living and the environment discussed widely in Pori

The SuomiAreena event held in Pori, Finland, in July 2014 brought together 700 speakers and 30,000 guests in more than 150 events. The main themes for this year's event were living and the environment. The Finnish Ministry of the Environment was one of the event's main partners. The video provides pieces of the administration's program during the sunny week in July.