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Something new on the Ministry of the Environment Instagram account

This week the ministry's Instagram account will be taken over by Janni Laakso, who will post her own photos on the account for the whole week. This visit by Laakso, the winner of the 2015 #munympäristö ("my environment") photo contest, is a new addition to the ministry's communication. Read more

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The land of 1,000 lakes and 100 climate solutions

The world urgently needs climate solutions to implement the much heralded Paris Agreement. Now Finnish experts believe their small northern country can go a long way in providing them.

Minister Tiilikainen: The proposal by the European Commission on implementing the Paris Agreement presents a challenging target for Finland

Today, the European Commission presented the remaining proposals on implementing the Paris Agreement within the European Union. A proposal on emissions trading related to energy production and industry has already been presented.
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What is the Society’s Commitment to Sustainability?

Watch the video and learn about the Finnish model to implement sustainable development on the ground - the Society's Commitment to Sustainability - and the commitments different actors have made to secure a good life now and for the future generations.

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