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Finnish Nature League’s Wolf Ambassadors Win Biodiversity Award 2015-2016

The Wolf Ambassadors of the Finnish Nature League - Luonto-Liitto won the Biodiversity Award 2015-2016 of the IUCN National Committee of Finland. The Wolf Ambassadors were awarded on 7 February 2017 in Helsinki.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is a network of NGOs and states, promoting environmental protection and the sustainable use of natural resources. The IUCN aims to halt the loss of biodiversity and to use nature-based solutions to eliminate poverty and prevent climate change.

The IUCN's Finnish members include:

  • The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation
  • Natur och Miljö
  • WWF Finland
  • BirdLife Finland
  • Finnish Wildlife Agency
  • the state of Finland, represented by the Ministry of the Environment.

These parties have formed Finland's IUCN Committee. The committee represents Finnish members at IUCN. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the state forest administration Metsähallitus and the Finnish Environment Institute participate in the committee, alongside the Ministry of the Environment. Other organisations in the sector also participate in the committee's activities.

IUCN commissions consist of experts in various fields

Commissions are an important part of IUCN's work. From Finland's viewpoint, the most important are the World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA), the Species Survival Commission (SSC) and the Commission on Environment Law (CEL).

Members of the IUCN National Committee of Finland

The IUCN National Committee of Finland is formed by the Finnish member organisation of the IUCN and the Finnish Government, which is represented in the National Committee by the Ministry of the Environment. The National Committee also includes other ministries and government agencies dealing with nature conservation matters.

National Committee Chair
Dr. Matti Nummelin, Environmental Adviser, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, tel.int. +358 40 503 8442, firstname.lastname@formin.fi

National Committee Vice-Chair
Mr. Esko Hyvärinen, Environment Counsellor, Ministry of the Environment, firstname.o.lastname@ym.fi

National Committee Secretary
Ms. Liisa Nikula, Senior Advisor, Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland, tel.int. +358 40 528 8467, firstname.lastname@metsa.fi


  • Finnish Association for Nature Conservation
    Mr. Tapani Veistola, Senior Advisor, firstname.lastname@sll.fi
    Deputy: Mr. Olli Turunen, Coordinator of Development Cooperation, firstname.lastname@sll.fi
  • Natur och Miljö
    Ms. Camilla Strandberg-Panelius, M.Sc., firstname.lastname@elisanet.fi
    Debuty: Mr. Bernt Nordman, Director, firstname.lastname@naturochmiljo.fi
  • WWF Finland
    Ms. Anne Tarvainen, Head of Programme, International Development, firstname.lastname@wwf.fi
    Deputy: Mr. Jari Luukkonen, Conservation Director, firstname.lastname@wwf.fi
  • Birdlife Finland
    Head of Conservation and Science Teemu Lehtiniemi, firstname.lastname@birdlife.fi
    Conservation Officer Tero Toivanen, firstname.lastname@birdlife.fi
  • Finnish Wildlife Agency
    Mr. Marko Svensberg, Senior Advisor, firstname.lastname@riista.fi
    Deputy: Mr. Mikko Alhainen, Senior Advisor, firstname.lastname@riista.fi
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
    Ms. Johanna Niemivuo-Lahti, Ministerial Adviser, firstname.lastname@mmm.fi
    Deputy: Mr. Janne Pitkänen, Chief Inspector, firstname.lastname@mmm.fi
  • Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland
    Mr. Jan Ekebom, Ph.D., Senior Advisor, firstname.lastname@metsa.fi
    Deputy: Ms. Sanna-Kaisa Juvonen, Senior Advisor, firstname.lastname@metsa.fi
  • Ministry of the Environment
    Ms. Marina von Weissenberg, Ministerial Adviser, firstname.lastname@ym.fi [marina weissenberg] tel.int. +358 50 307 0806

Permanent Advisers to the Committee

  • Ms. Henna Haapala, Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of the Environment, firstname.lastname@ym.fi
  • Ms. Marjaana Kokkonen, Inspector, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, firstname.lastname@formin.fi
  • Ms. Anne Raunio, Head of Unit, Finnish Environment Institute, firstname.lastname@ymparisto.fi

Further information

Marina von Weissenberg, Counsellor, tel. +358 50 307 0806, firstname.lastname@ym.fi

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