The National Building Code of Finland

The National Building Code contains technical regulations and instructions, which are given by decree.

The regulations are binding, and concern the construction of new buildings. The regulations are applicable to renovation and alteration works only insofar as the type and extent of the measure and a possible change in use of the building require. The instructions are not binding but present acceptable solutions.


A General section

A1 Supervision of construction work
Regulations and guidelines 2006

A2 Building designers and plans (pdf, unofficial translation)
Regulations and guidelines 2002

A4 Maintenance manual for the care and use of buildings
Regulations and guidelines 2000

A5 Plan notations
Regulations 2000

B The strength of structures

B9 Structures of concrete blocks
Guidelines 1993

C Insulation

C1 Sound insulation and noise abatement in building
Regulations and guidelines 1998

C2 Moisture
Regulations and guidelines 1998

C4 Thermal insulation (pdf, unofficial translation)
Guidelines 2003

D Hepac and energy management

D1 Water supply and drainage installations for buildings
Regulations and guidelines 2007

D2 Indoor climate and ventilation of buildings 
Regulations and guidelines  2012

D3 Energy management in buildings
Regulations and guidelines 2012

D4 HEPAC drawings
Regulations 1978

D5 Calculation of power and energy needs for
heating of buildings
Guidelines 2012

D7 Efficiency requirements for boilers
Regulations 1997

4/13 Ministry of the Environment degree on improving the energy performance of buildings undergoing renovation or alternation

E Structural fire safety

E1 Stuctural fire safety in buildings (pdf, unofficial translation)
Regulations and guidelines 2002

E1 Structural fire safety in buildings
Regulations and guidelines 2011

E2 Fire safety of production and warehouse buildings (pdf, unofficial translation)
Guidelines 2005

E3 Small chimneys
Guidelines 2007

E4 Fire safety of garages (pdf, unofficial translation)
Guidelines 2005

E7 Fire safety of ventilation installations (pdf, unofficial translation)
Guidelines 2004

E8 Masonry fireplaces
Guidelines 1985

E9 Fire safety of boiler rooms and fuel stores (pdf, unofficial translation)
Guidelines 2005

F General building planning

F1 Barrier-free building (pdf, unofficial translation)
Regulations and guidelines 2005

F2 Safety in use buildings
Regulations and guidelines 2001

G Housing planning and building

G1 Housing design (pdf, unofficial translation)
Regulations and guidelines 2005


Ministry of the Environment Decree on applying Eurocode standards in buiding construction (pdf, 3 Mt, unofficial translation)

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