Fire safety

When undertaking a building project it is to be ensured that a building is designed and constructed in a way that it is fire safe, as required by its intended use. The risk of fire breaking out must be minimised.  The load-bearing structures of the building must be such that, in the event of a fire, they will be endure for the minimum required time, taking into account the collapse of the building, securing the evacuation routes, rescue operations and containing the fire. It must be possible to limit the intensification and propagation of fire and smoke, and the spreading of the fire to nearby buildings. In constructing a building, construction products and technical equipment that are suitable in terms of fire safety must be used.

A building must be such that, in the event of a fire, those inside it can escape or be rescued. The safety of emergency service personnel must be taken into account in construction. The permit authority may require a safety report to be drawn up for a building that is particularly demanding in terms of emergency evacuation safety. 

The National Building Code of Finland, Structural fire safety



848/2017 Decree of the Ministry of the Environment on Fire safety of buildings
Responsible person Jorma Jantunen


745/2017 Decree of the Ministry of the Environment on Structures and fire safety of small chimneys
Responsible person Jyrki Kauppinen


E8 (1985) Masonry fireplaces, guidelines
Responsible person Jyrki Kauppinen


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