Programmes and strategies – land use and building

In addition to regulations and administrative decisions, programmes and strategies are used to control land use and building.

Jyrki Katainen's Government aims to develop the energy efficiency of land use and building. Other land use and building related objectives under the Government Programme include improving

  • the effectiveness of steering by the authorities
  • the transparency of land use planning
  • the quality of construction planning.
  • Government Programme (Finnish Government)

Near-future goals related to land use and building are defined in the Ministry of the Environment Strategy “Working together towards a sustainable future”. The Ministry of the Environment aims

The following are other national programmes related to land use and building:

  • The strategy for renovation building promotes anticipatory property management and repair culture
  • The cultural environment strategy bolsters the value and protection of the cultural environment
  • The shore area strategy secures the health of shore areas and natural diversity
  • The metropolitan policy strengthens the international competitiveness and balanced development of the Helsinki region
  • The Finnish Government’s decision-in-principle on noise abatement aims to reduce environmental noise levels and noise exposure
  • The overview of regional structure and traffic forms a national vision for a regional structure and traffic system that will be set as a long-term target.
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