Finland aims for simpler EU legislation on construction products

Press release 2017-04-11 at 10:41

Press release of the Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment

Press release has been published in Finnish 4/10/2017

The Government key project concerning less and simpler regulation proceeded to the EU level as Finland gave a proposal for amending the EU Construction Products Regulation. The problems in the current Regulation complicate the operations of Finnish enterprises in the construction sector.

Finland has given a proposal to the REFIT Platform of the EU concerning the simplification of the EU Construction Products Regulation. The REFIT Platform is part of the European Commission’s REFIT programme, with representatives of the national authorities and other stakeholders. The REFIT Platform supports the simplification of the EU legislation by giving proposals concerning this to the European Commission based on proposals received from the EU citizens and stakeholders.

The EU Construction Products Regulation is concerned with the CE marking for construction products. The CE marking enhances the free movement of construction products between Member States. It enables the comparison of the characteristics of construction products and tells about the characteristics required to be declared by harmonised European standards.

However, there have been problems in implementing the Construction Products Regulation, partly due to varying interpretations. Articles intended to alleviate the burden of small enterprises have not been applicable in practice. The poor performance of the Construction Products Regulation complicates the operations of Finnish enterprises in the construction sector. The Commission does not cite references of new harmonised product standards in the Official Journal of EU or ensure that deficiencies in the standards are rectified as the system would require. It is difficult for the enterprises to export construction products and unnecessary administrative burden and costs are caused to them, which are particularly problematic for small enterprises.

Of the about 4 000 manufacturers of construction products in Finland about 85% are small enterprises. Relative to the population figures our country is the largest exporter of construction products within the EU, which means that the Regulation is highly significant for the Finnish construction products industry. The costs arising from the EU Construction Products Regulation for the EU as a whole rise to EUR 2.62 billion per year. The articles that are not applicable cause about EUR 0.55 billion in unnecessary costs to manufacturers of construction products per year. The REFIT proposal of Finland aims to achieve savings in these costs. 


Proposal of the Ministry of the Environment concerning the simplification of the Construction Products Regulation: Kirsi Martinkauppi, Senior Adviser for Legislative Affairs, Ministry of the Environment, tel. +358 2952 50177,

REFIT Platform: Anu Laitinen, Senior Specialist, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, tel. +358 29 504 7164,