Most publications of the Ministry of the Environment are available only in Finnish. These pages contain some of the recent publications released in English. The full catalogue of the Ministry's e-publications is availabe on the government's Valto publication archive.


Land use and building

The future of land use is being decided now, February 2009 (pdf, 2,7MB)
Sustainable public procurement, May 2009 (pdf)
Regional land use planning in Finland, June 2005 (pdf)
ERA17 For an energy-smart built environment 2017, October 2010 (pdf)

Environmental protection

Getting more from less. Finnish initiatives on sustainable consumption and production, July 2013 (pdf)
Achieving Sustainable Development - Showcasing best practices in the public and business sectors in Finland, February 2012 (pdf, 4,5MB)
Energy efficiency in renovation contributes to climate change mitigation, October 2010 (pdf)
The National Commission on Sustainable Development, February 2009 (pdf)
Finland is implementing the Kyoto Protocol, February 2011 (pdf)
Adapting to climate change in Finland, December 2009 (pdf)

Nature conservation

VELMU surveys underwater biodiversity in the Baltic Sea, December 2010 (pdf)
Everyman's right in Finland

Fact sheets


Facts on the Ministry of the Environment

RD as the backbone of the Ministry, January 2016 (pdf)
Working for a better living environment, August 2012 (pdf)
Working together towards a sustainable future, July 2012 (pdf)

Facts on environmental protection

Waste Act Reform, January 2013 (pdf)
Barents Euro-Arctic Coucil. Finnish Chairmanship 2012-2013, Working Group on Environment, June 2012 (pdf)
River basin management plans will help improve the state of Finlands water resources, December 2009 (pdf)

Facts on nature conservation

The Forest Biodiversity Programme METSO (


The 2010 Red List of Finnish Species, pages 1-180, December 2010  Ministry of the Environment, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE (pdf, 5MB)
The 2010 Red List of Finnish Species, pages 181-685, December 2010  Ministry of the Environment, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE (pdf, 5MB)
Positioning Finland in a European Space, November 2006 (pdf, 4MB)
Getting more and better from less. Proposals for Finland's national programme to promote sustainable consumption and production, June 2005 (pdf)

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