Strategy 2022 – A better environment for future generations

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In the Ministry of Environment’s new strategy we have defined the objectives of our operations up to the year 2022. Some of you might ask, “Why up to 2022 specifically”? Our thinking behind this is that 2022 is close enough to the present while still covering several government terms. Eight years gives us the opportunity to plan ahead in the long-term, while at the same time allowing us to prepare for immediate actions during the upcoming government terms. In addition to a macro analysis of differenet phenomena affecting our society, the strategy includes both a definition of our strategic goals and the measures to reach them. These are:

A low-carbon and energy efficient Finland

  • Agreement on the international climate change convention
  • Preparation and implementation of the EU’s 2030 climate and energy targets
  • Environmental administration’s comprehensive programme on climate change and energy efficiency and its implementation

Sustainable use of natural resources and a functional circular economy

  • Environmental administration’s programme for adopting a green economy and its implementation
  • Effective integration of the environmental perspective, especially into the legislation on and strategies and operations of the agricultural, forestry, energy and mining sectors, and into Arctic cooperation
  • More efficient recycling of waste and nutrients

Good state of the environment

  • Implementation of water resources management plans and the marine resources management plan
  • Preparation of a national climate protection plan and its initiation
  • Programme for improving construction quality and the enhancement of building control
  • More effective overall handling of environmental permits and assessment practices
  • Revision of the land use planning system

Biodiversity and well-functioning ecosystem services

  • Implementation of the strategy and action plan for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in Finland
  • Mapping, assessment and promotion of ecosystem services and their benefits
  • Development of blue-green infrastructure in land use

Housing conditions that promote well-being and competitiveness

  • Development of the planning and contracting procedures in growing urban regions
  • Reduction of housing costs and improvement of the effectiveness of housing support systems
  • Improvement of the possibilities for older people to live at home
  • Improvement of the housing situation of population groups that need special support

Strategy materials for download

Published 2015-07-27 at 15:39, updated 2015-07-27 at 16:14