The vision and values of the Ministry of the Environment

 Apelöga, Kuvatoimisto Gorilla
Apelöga, Picture Agency Gorilla
The vision of the Ministry of the Environment:
  • an environmentally responsible society open to participation
  • a diverse natural world
  • and an environment promoting wellbeing.

Values – courage, expertise and responsibility

The operations of the Ministry of the Environment is guided by the following values:

Openly transparent

  • we are transparent in all our activities and partnerships
  • through our open preparation, we encourage others to express their views, while openly making even difficult decisions and giving reasons for them

Esteemed expert

  • we are renowned and recognised experts
  • •we support each others' competence development by sharing our expertise and developing our skills

Responsible future maker

  • the impact of our decisions extends far into the future
  • we are not seeking rapid gains at the cost of the future
Published 2014-11-10 at 15:44, updated 2014-11-10 at 15:44