Management of the Ministry of the Environment

Hannele Pokka

Permanent Secretary

The Permanent Secretary holds the highest position within the ministry. The Permanent Secretary assists the ministers in the management, planning and supervision of the operations of the ministry and the administrative branch as a whole. He or she

  • directs the ministry's activities and strategic planning
  • coordinates the implementation of the ministry's strategy
  • is responsible for internal control
  • directs performance guidance within the administrative sector.

Permanent Secretary Hannele Pokka,
Twitter: @HannelePokka

Assistant to Management Sanna Laine
tel. +358 2952 50350


Management of departments and units

The ministry's departments are managed by Directors General. The support functions are managed by the Director of Administration and International Affairs and the Communications Director.

Ari Niiranen

The Head of the Department of the Natural Environment

Director General Ari Niiranen
Twitter: @AriNiiranen

Assistant to Management Ritva Illman
tel. +358 2952 50199


Helena Säteri

The Head of the Department of the Built Environment

Director General Helena Säteri
Twitter: @HelenaSateri

Assistant to Management Melica Hellén
tel. +358 2952 50207


Tuula Varis

The Head of the Environmental Protection Department

Director General Tuula Varis
Twitter: @TuulaVaris

Assistant to Management Heidi Tanskanen
tel. +358 2952 50290


Ismo Tiainen

Director General, Administration and International Affairs

Director General Ismo Tiainen
Twitter: @IsmoTiainen

Assistant to Management Hanna Aho
tel. +358 2952 50331


Jussi Salmi

Director of Communications and Information Management

Communications Director Jussi Salmi
tel. +358 2952 50263
Twitter: @jussivhsalmi

Assistant to Management Mirja Nummelin
tel +358 2952 50205


Other management

Laura Höijer

Research Director

  • steers the formulation of the ministry's research policy
  • ensures that account is taken of the strategic goals of the ministry in R&D activities
  • leads and guides the preparation and coordination of R&D issues and plans the allocation of financing
  • chairs the ministry's research network, and serves as the ministry's representative on the Advisory Board for Sectoral Research, in the Research Consortium for Natural Resources and the Environment (LYNET) and in other groups.

Research Director Laura Höijer
Twitter: @HoijerLaura

Assistant to Management Eeva Gustafsson
tel. +358 29 525 0235


Riitta Rönn

Director of Legislative Affairs

  • is responsible for coordinating the preparation, drafting, and implementation of legislation that falls within the remit of the Ministry of the Environment, in cooperation with the Permanent Secretary and the ministry's departments and units
  • assists the management team in evaluating the need for legislation, the follow-up of legislative projects, and impact assessment
  • participates in major legislative projects, if necessary
  • handles joint ministerial coordination responsibilities.

Director of Legislative Affairs Riitta Rönn
Twitter: @RiittaRonn

Assistant to Management Sanna Laine
tel. +358 29 525 0235


Juho Korpi

Director for Development

  • monitors and coordinates the implementation of the Government Programme together with the Permanent Secretary and the Ministry’s departments and units
  • assists the Ministry’s management in strategic planning, guidance, development, and monitoring the implementation of the strategy
  • participates, where necessary, in the Ministry’s key development projects
  • manages the Ministry’s joint coordination tasks.

Director for Development Juho Korpi

Assistant to Management Sanna Laine
tel. +358 29 525 0235


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