Career paths

Project assistant Satu Kapanen participates in the development of eServices for housing and building

Urapolku, Kapanen Satu
Olli Häkämies, IB of Env. Adm.

Satu Kapanen works in the Department of the Built Environment, within the Ministry of the Environment. She is an assistant on a project developing electronic services for housing and building. The project makes it easier to search online for information on apartment prices and rents. It will also enable applications for building permits online.

Varied career and versatile tasks

Satu is a Bachelor of Business Economics and has been working at the Ministry of the Environment since 2000.

“I have become involved in a wide variety of tasks. I began working
as a secretary at the ministry's Unit for International and EU Affairs.
Then I became an assistant within the Sustainable Development Secretariat of the Environmental Protection Department. At present, I am on leave of absence to work as a fixed-term project assistant.”

Satu's days consist of varied tasks.

“My responsibilities include a lot of meeting and event organisation. I update websites, see to project administration and financial follow-up, and participate in the project's communications. I like the fact that I can plan my working days and decide on the order in which I do things.”

A supportive atmosphere prevails at the ministry

Interesting tasks and personal development are the reasons why Satu has stayed at the Ministry of the Environment.

“The ministry has a positive attitude towards continued education and employees' personal development. Career advancement, education and varied tasks guarantee that no one gets into a rut.”

In projects, flexibility is the key

Project work is occasionally hectic.

“Flexitime is an asset. Sometimes, our working hours are long, but we can compensate for them later by taking extra days off, or having shorter days at work. Remote work is also possible, but I haven't taken advantage of this possibility.”

Published 2013-03-20 at 16:35, updated 2013-07-15 at 13:33