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Speakers at the Ministry's panel discussion, seated from the left: Ville Niinistö, Richard McLellan, Wylbur Simuusa, Rachel Kyte, Rabab Fayad and Jouni Keronen. Host Edward King on the podium. Photo by Jussi Palmén, Ministry of the Environment.

High level climate discussion at SuomiAreena: There is hope for a solution to the climate crisis

The panel discussion ‘Low-Carbon Future – From Pledges to Concrete Action’ convened by Minister of the Environment Ville Niinistö at the SuomiAreena event in Pori Finland laid groundwork for the high-level climate conference of the UN Secretary General, to be held in New York in September 2014.

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UN Secretary-General’s summit hopes to speed up climate change negotiations

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is hosting a Climate Summit in New York on 23 September. The summit is not a part of the official UNFCCC climate change negotiation process, but it aims to secure political support for the new global agreement on climate change, which is to be concluded in Paris in December 2015.

Help Find Finland’s Best Biodiversity Input 2013-2014

The best input for the halting the loss of biodiversity is again being looked for in Finland. The National Committee of IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature needs your help in finding an individual, organisation or business that has been able to safeguard the vitality of nature and the functioning of ecosystem services in 2013 and 2014 in Finland. The winner will be awarded in December.
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Living and the environment discussed widely in Pori

The SuomiAreena event held in Pori, Finland, in July 2014 brought together 700 speakers and 30,000 guests in more than 150 events. The main themes for this year's event were living and the environment. The Finnish Ministry of the Environment was one of the event's main partners. The video provides pieces of the administration's program during the sunny week in July.