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Legislation and guidance: housing

The housing matters within the branch of activity of the Ministry of the Environment are related to state-subsidised housing production and other forms of housing policy support. The Ministry of the Environment is also responsible for the legislation on right-of-occupancy housing.

The housing legislation falling under the mandate of the Ministry of the Environment is grouped as follows:

  • Rented housing legislation
  • Owner-occupied housing legislation
  • Right-of-occupancy and part-ownership housing legislation
  • Legislation on housing for special groups
  • Other housing legislation

The Ministry of the Environment’s pending legislative projects are presented separately.

Housing legislation also falls under the mandates of other ministries. Legislation on residential leases, housing companies, residential property transactions and real estate agencies, for example, fall under the mandate of the Ministry of Justice, while legislation dealing with housing allowance and health protection is the responsibility of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

Inquiries on housing legislation:

Ville Koponen, Legal Adviser, tel. +358 295 250 132, firstname.lastname@ym.fi

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