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Legislation on housing for special groups

Subsidies for producing special group housing

The state grants investment subsidies to developers producing rental housing for groups requiring special support. Such groups include elderly people who suffer from memory loss or are in poor condition, people with disabilities, homeless people, people with substance abuse and mental health problems, students and young people. Housing construction projects that receive subsidies are always granted an interest subsidy loan.

  • Act on Subsidies for Improving the Housing Conditions of Special Groups 1281/2004 (Finlex)

Subsidies for renovations and lift installation

Subsidies can be granted for repairs on housing for people with disabilities or older people aged 65 or older. Subsidies can be granted for persons who have limited wealth and whose income does not exceed the limit set based on household size. Lift installation and accessibility renovation grants are also granted in order to promote older people’s ability to live at home.

  • Act on Renovation Subsidies for Residential Buildings and Dwellings 1087/2016 (Finlex, in Finnish)
  • Government Decree on Renovation Subsidies for Residential Buildings and Dwellings 1373/2016 (Finlex, in Finnish), Memorandum 7 June 2018 (increase in income limits, in Finnish) and 14 December 2016 (original, in Finnish)
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