Legislation on rental living

  • Act on Joint Management of Rental Buildings (649/1990, Finlex)
  • Act on State-subsidized Housing Loans (ARAVA Act) (1189/1993, Finlex)
  • Act on the Use, Assignment and Redemption of State-Subsidized (ARAVA) Rental Dwellings and Buildings (1190/1993, Finlex)
  • Government Decree on the Selection of Tenants for State-Subsidised (ARAVA) and Interest-Subsidy Rental Dwellings (166/2008, Finlex)
  • Act on Interest Subsidy for Rental Housing Loans and Right of Occupancy Housing Loans (604/2001, Finlex)
  • Laki vuokra-asuntojen rakentamislainojen valtiontakauksesta (856/2008)
  • Laki korkotuesta vuokra-asuntojen rakentamislainoille vuosina 2009 ja 2010 rakennusalan työllisyyden edistämiseksi (176/2009)
  • Act on Subsidies for Improving the Housing Conditions of Special Groups (1281/2004, Finlex)
  • Act on Residential Leases (481/1995, Finlex) (belongs to the administrative sector of the Ministry of Justice)
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