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Green Belt of Fennoscandia

Green Belt of Fennoscandia is cross-border cooperation aiming for biodiversity cooperation.

Green Belt -map
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Green Belt of Fennoscandia (GBF) is network of existing and planned protected areas near the borders of three countries: Finland, Russia and Norway.

The cooperation between Finland, Russia and Norway is based on Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation and development as concerns the Green Belt of Fennoscandia. Green Belt Cooperation is also implementing the international Convention on Biological Diversity.

The aim of the cooperation is to develop the Green Belt into a widely acknowledged transboundary model area and increase awareness on the area and its values in the participating countries as well internationally. The Green Belt of Fennoscandia is the northern part of the European Green Belt.

In Finland the Green Belt is developed and promoted by large network of national and regional stakeholders as well as National Working Group appointed the Ministry the of  the Environment. National Working Group is chaired by Director General of Metsähallitus, Mr Pentti Hyttinen.

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Khibiny National Park in Murmansk added to the Green Belt of Fennoscandia

The new Khibiny National Park is located about 100 kilometres from the Finnish border, in the central part of the Kola Peninsula. The national park belongs to the Green Belt of Fennoscandia that is composed of nature conservation areas in the border regions of Finland, Norway and Russia.

Published 2014-10-30 at 16:35, updated 2017-03-27 at 17:38
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