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An illustrative map on the Green Belt, its idea and activities along it has been produced for the stakeholders to use when communicating and promoting the Green Belt.

Only original versions downloaded from the links below should be used. It is prohibited to edit the picture.

There are several language versions available of the map (Finnish, English, Norwegian, Inari Sámi, Skolt Sámi. COMING: Russian and North Sámi ).

The map has been designed by SuomiDesign Ltd.

Rights to the map is owned by the Ministry of the Environment of Finland.


Green Belt -map
In English, 1,8 Mb, jpg © Picture: SuomiDesign
Green Belt -kartta
In Finnish, 1,8 Mb, jpg © Picture: SuomiDesig
Green Belt -map, Norwegian
In Norwegian, 1.8 Mb, jpg © Picture: SuomiDesign
Vihreän vyöhykkeen kartta, inarinsaame
In Inari Sámi, 1.8 Mb, jpg © Picture: SuomiDesig
Green Belt map Skolt Sami
In Skolt Sámi, 1.8. Mb, jpg © Picture: SuomiDesign
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