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Green Belt of Fennoscandia Strategy 2020

Strategy for the Green Belt of Fennoscandia (GBF) until 2020 defines common goals for the trilateral cooperation between Finland, Russia and Norway in developing the Green Belt.

The strategy has been prepared in a participatory process with key stakeholders from the three countries during the year 2014. It was adopted in each country in 2016.

Vision until 2020

© Photo: Tapio Heikkilä/Image bank of Environmental Administration

Vision for the year 2020 is to develop the GBF into a widely acknowledged transboundary model area for biodiversity conservation, bioeconomy, social well-being, and environmentally sustainable economic growth generated by the region’s unique biological and geological diversity and cultural heritage.

New cross-border projects in planning

The strategy will be implemented in projects and by mainstreaming biodiversity policies into the society and cross-border cooperation as a whole.

More information: Expert services for the development of the cooperation network of the Green Belt of Fennoscandia (GBF), phase II

Published 2014-10-30 at 16:35, updated 2017-03-23 at 13:47
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