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Finnish-Estonian environmental cooperation

Finland and Estonia have been cooperating on environmental protection since 1991. This cooperation covers areas such as the following:
  • management and use plans, restoration, user surveys and environmental education at nature reserves and Natura 2000 areas
  • management of traditional biotopes
  • harmful alien species
  • impact assessment
  • launching tripartite cooperation between Finland, Estonia and Russia.

Finland and Estonia also jointly handle matters related to the EU's Habitats and Birds Directives.

This cooperation is steered by a working group formed by representatives from both countries, which convenes twice a year. Representatives from the Finnish and Estonian Ministries of the Environment act as the group's chairpersons.

Finnish participants in the working group:

  • Ministry of the Environment
  • Metsähallitus
  • Finnish Environment Institute SYKE
  • Finnish Environment Institute SYKE
  • research institutes
  • Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment
The Estonian participants:
  • Ministry of the Environment
  • Environmental Board
  • State Forest Management Centre (RMK)
  • research institutes

Further information

Ilkka Heikkinen, Director of Environmental Protection, tel. +358 295 250 079, firstname.surname@ym.fi
Mikael Nordström, Senior Advisor, Metsähallitus, firstname.lastname@metsa.fi, tel. +358 400 445 234

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