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Strong support for the continuation of the EU's Urban and Territorial Agendas

The Urban Agenda for the EU has enabled cities to contribute to the preparation of various European policies and activated the exchange of information on many topics, such as the urban circular economy. Meanwhile, the EU’s Territorial Agenda has promoted sustainable development in different types of regions.

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Land use and building planning creates the preconditions for a high-quality and vital built environment. Well-planned land use and building solutions promote well-being, vitality and sustainable development.

Land use and building is regulated by legislation and steered by the authorities. The objective of such steering is to:

  • Create a healthy, safe and pleasant living environment which is socially functional and meets the needs of different population groups.
  • Ensure the high quality and energy efficiency of construction.
  • Make the urban structure more cohesive and compact, while promoting sustainable development.
  • Guarantee that everyone has the opportunity to participate in land use and building planning.
Published 2015-04-28 at 12:45, updated 2019-06-05 at 11:52