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Legislation on the energy efficiency of buildings

The purpose of the legislation on the energy efficiency of buildings is to promote energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy in buildings, along with reducing their energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

About 40% of Finland’s total energy consumption is attributable to buildings. Regulations are used to implement the Energy Efficiency Directive for buildings and further Finland’s own goals for improving energy efficiency. Energy efficiency in buildings reduces their operating costs and curbs the increase of living expenses with rising energy prices. In addition to this, improving energy efficiency often results in improved comfort.

Regulations concerning energy certificates for buildings

The Act on Energy Certificates for Buildings was used to implement the sections of the Directive of the European Parliament and Council on the Energy Performance of Buildings (2010/31/EU) that apply to energy certificates.

Building owners must obtain an energy certificate in conjunction with the building permit proceedings for new buildings. A certificate must also be obtained when a building or part thereof is sold or rented out. In the future, an energy certificate will also be required when selling or renting out an old small residential building, as is the case with other buildings. This requirement is subject to certain transition periods. The energy class must be reported in sales and rental listings as well. In some buildings, the certificate must be publicly displayed. The act in question and the other regulations concerning the energy certificate came into force on 1 June 2013.

The following are the essential regulations concerning the energy certificate:

  • Decree of the Ministry of the Environment on energy Performance Certificate of Buildings 1048/2017 (pdf)
  • Act on Energy Certificates for Buildings (50/2013, in Finnish, Finlex).
  • Government Decree on the competence of the party preparing a building's energy certificate and on the requirements for a more lenient energy certification process (170/2013, in Finnish, Finlex).
  • Ministry of the Environment Decree on the energy certificates of buildings (176/2013, in Finnish, Finlex)

Other regulations related to the energy certificate:

  • Act on Changing Section 1 of the Act on the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (51/2013, in Finnish, Finlex)
  • Government Decree on changing the Government Decree on information provided in the marketing of housing units (175/2013, in Finnish, Finlex)
  • Government Decree on changing the Government Decree on the area measurement of owner-occupied flats and the property manager's certificate (174/2013, in Finnish, Finlex)

Controlling the energy efficiency of buildings in construction and renovation

Regulations concerning the energy efficiency of buildings are also set forth in the Land Use and Building Act and the Ministry of the Environment decrees issued by virtue thereof, which are published in the National Building Code of Finland.

Further information

Energy certificate
Environment Counsellor Maarit Haakana, tel. +358 295 250 069, firstname.lastname@ym.fi
Senior Adviser for Legislative Affairs Sari Rapinoja, tel. +358 295 250 320, firstname.lastname@ym.fi

Energy provisions for new construction
Senior Construction Adviser Pekka Kalliomäki, tel. +358 295 250 114, firstname.lastname@ym.fi

Energy provisions for renovation building
Senior Construction Adviser Jyrki Kauppinen, tel. +358 295 250 122, firstname.lastname@ym.fi

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