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When undertaking a building project it is to be ensured that the building is designed and constructed in such a way that it is healthy and safe with regard to indoor air, humidity, temperature and lighting conditions, and water supply and sewerage, as required by the intended use of the building and environmental conditions. The building must not cause risk to health because of impurities in indoor air, radiation, water or soil pollution, smoke, wastewater, the insufficient processing of waste, or the humidity of the building elements or structures.

Products used in construction work must be such that during their planned service life they do not cause emissions that cannot be considered acceptable into the indoor air, drinking water or the environment. Building systems and equipment must be suitable for their intended use and maintain healthy conditions.

The National Building Code of Finland, Health


Further material

782/2017 Decree of the Ministry of the Environment on Humidity (pdf)
Responsible person Katja Outinen


1047/2017 Decree of the Ministry of the Environment on Water supply and sewerage equipment of properties
Responsible person Kaisa Kauko


1009/2017 Decree of the Ministry of the Environment on the Indoor Climate and Ventilation of New buildings
Responsible person Pekka Kalliomäki



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