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Noise abatement and noise conditions

When undertaking a building project it is to be ensured that, as required by the intended use, the building and its yard and other premises are designed and constructed in a way that noise exposure and noise conditions in the building and the yard and other premises of the building site do not pose a risk to health, rest or working.

The sound insulation of structures and the sound level and installations of the technical building equipment must be such that the sleep and rest of people inside the building are not disturbed and, in terms of the noise conditions, the building can be used as intended. The noise conditions of the building must be determined through the sound level and reverberation and the sound levels in the yard area and other premises.


The National Building Code of Finland, Noise abatement and noise conditions



Further material

796/2017 Decree of the Ministry of the Environment on the Acoustic Environment of Buildings


Further information:
Environment Counsellor Ari Saarinen, tel. +358 2952 50257, firstname.lastname@ym.fi

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