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Safety of use

When undertaking a building project it is to be ensured that a building is designed and constructed in a way that it is safe to use and maintain, as required by its intended use. The building, its outdoor areas and pathways may not cause a risk of injury, accident or damage that cannot be considered acceptable.

The assessment of the acceptability of risk is based on the regular or normally anticipated use of the site. Such use does not include knowing or intentional risk-taking by the users.

The safety of use requirement refers to three main risk categories:

  1. Falling over, slipping and falling down; collision of a moving user or risk of crushing and hits, cuts and squeezes caused by a moving object or parts separated from it;
  2. Fire, electricity or explosion accidents; provisions of fire safety are laid down in the Decree of the Ministry of the Environment on Fire Safety of Buildings; provisions on electricity safety are laid down in the Electricity Safety Act and under it.
  3. Accidents in buildings and building sites caused by moving vehicles.

The National Building Code of Finland, Safety of use


Further material

1007/2017 Decree of the Ministry of the Environment on Safety of use of buildings

Responsible person Tomi Marjamäki


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