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Strength and stability of structures

TallennaA party engaging in a construction project shall ensure that the building in question is planned and constructed in such a way that the structures are strong and stable, suitable for the conditions of the building site and will endure for the duration of the planned service life of the building. The structural design and dimensioning of load-bearing structures shall be based on the principles of structural mechanics and generally accepted design principles, or on reliable test results or other available data. Construction products that are suitable for the strength and stability of the structures shall be used in the construction of a building.

A building shall be designed and constructed in such a way that the loads exerted on it during construction and use do not result in the collapse of the building, deformations detrimental to strength and stability, or damage to other parts of the building or  equipment and fixtures installed in the building. Furthermore, the building shall be designed and constructed in such a way that structural damage due to external causes cannot be disproportionately extensive in relation to the event that caused the damage

The essential technical requirements concerning load-bearing structures are fulfilled when the structures are designed and constructed in accordance with the Eurocodes and the National Choices concerning these. Other design and constructing schemes may be applied provided that the design and construction results in the fulfilment of the essential technical requirements with regard to the strength and stability, usability and service life of the structures.

Finnish instructions are indicative. If you find some discrepancies in English text regarding Finnish text, we kindly ask you to be in contact with the ministry and inform us about your observations.

National Building Code of Finland, strength and stability



Further material

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3/16 Decree concerning national choices for the basis of structural design when applying standard SFS-EN 1990

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Decrees of the Ministry on the national choices concerning the actionson structures:

4/16 national choices for densities, self-weight and imposed loads for buildings, when applying standard SFS-EN 1991-1-1

5/16 national choices for actions on structures exposed to fire, when applying standard SFS-EN 1991-1-2

6/16 national choices for snow loads, when applying standard SFS-EN 1991-1-3

7/16 national choices for wind actions, when applying standard SFS-EN 1991-1-4

8/16 national choices for thermal actions, when applying standard SFS-EN 1991-1-5

9/16 national choices for actions during execution, when applying standard SFS-EN 1991-1-6

10/16 national choices for accidental actions, when applying standard SFS-EN 1991-1-7

11/16 national choices for actions induced by cranes and other machinery, when applying standard SFS-EN 1991-3

12/16 national choices for loads on silos and tanks, when applying standard SFS-EN 1991-4

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CEN/TC 250/SC3 has observed a safety issue in standard EN 1993-1-4 concerning standard clause, buckling curves. SC3 recommends that instead of standards table 5.3, the revised table 5.3 in prA2:2019 shall be applied www.eurocodes.fi


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13/16 Decree on the national choices with regard to the general rules for geotechnical design, when applying standard SFS-EN 1997-1

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Aluminium structures, instructions, 2018



Further information:
Jukka Bergman, Building Counsellor, tel.  +358 295 250 057, firstname.lastname@ym.fi
Jorma Jantunen, Building Counsellor, tel. +358 295 250 105, firstname.o.lastname@ym.fi. (concrete structures, timber structures, masonry structures)

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