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The year of celebration for European landscapes

​​​​​​​This autumn, we are celebrating landscapes as it is the 20th anniversary of the European Landscape Convention. Vibrant landscape is an important part of the European identity.  Landscapes are celebrated in Finland in various ways such as a photography competition open to all, a photography campaign and scenic walks.

The Environment Council conclusions: need for urgent measures to protect and restore biodiversity

EU environment ministers agreed on Council conclusions on tacklig biodiversity loss from 2020 onwards in the Council meeting on 19 December 2019. The conclusions emphasise the need for urgent measures to protect and restore biodiversity and to promote nature-based solutions. They also underline the importance of ensuring adequate funding to achieve the objectives. The conclusions were prepared under the Finnish Presidency of the EU. 

Finland will celebrate European Heritage Days 2020 with the theme Places to Grow

Finland celebrates the European Heritage Days (EHDs) with common European themes. In Finland, the 2020 European theme Heritage and Education has been modified into the national theme Places to Grow. The EHD events highlight the importance of cultural heritage as a source of learning, growth and education.

Network of nature reserves in Barents region gains two new sites in Northwest Russia

Two new regional nature reserves have been established in the Russian regions neighbouring Finland. A natural monument was established on the Zaonezhye Peninsula in Karelia, while a larger conservation area was established in Arkhangelsk. Finns have actively participated in the international research cooperation that informed the decision to establish protected areas.

High Level Celebration Conference of the first EU wide ecosystem assessment in Helsinki 13 December 2019

High level Celebration Conference of the first EU wide ecosystem assessment introduces the results of the assessment and offers a chance to discuss next steps, policy relevance and knowledge needs. Registration is open until 2 December 2019.

Strong support for the continuation of the EU's Urban and Territorial Agendas

The Urban Agenda for the EU has enabled cities to contribute to the preparation of various European policies and activated the exchange of information on many topics, such as the urban circular economy. Meanwhile, the EU’s Territorial Agenda has promoted sustainable development in different types of regions.

Photography Exhibition on Arctic Biodiversity in the Lobby of the Ministry

Arctic Biodiversity Through the Lens photography competition and exhibition raises awareness of the importance of Arctic biodiversity, brings attention to the multiple challenges facing Arctic biodiversity and to celebrates the beauty of the Arctic.

European Heritage Days invites to explore arts and entertainment from the Baltic Sea to the Arctic Circle

What kind of art makes you stop? What kind of entertainment makes you think? What makes you smile, laugh and feel? What brings a story to life and creates emotions? During 2019, emotional experiences will inspire us and lift us above the mundane, as Finland will celebrate the European Heritage Days with the theme ‘Exploring Arts and Entertainment`.By this theme we will also highlight the doing and experiencing of art, different forms of entertainment, and user perspectives.

Finland published a new strategy for building a water-secure world

The Finnish Water Way is Finland’s new strategy for building a water-secure world.

The world needs a global deal on chemicals say ministers and vice-ministers from eight countries

Chemicals are everywhere in our daily lives. Since 1950, more than 140 000 new chemicals and pesticides have been synthesized. Chemical substances have contributed greatly to our prosperity. However, many of them are not without risk. The sound management of chemicals and waste needs to be recognised as an essential part of sustainable development.

Futures review of the Ministry of the Environment and Strategy 2030 published

The Ministry of the Environment has prepared a futures review and renewed its strategy to respond to changes in Finland and in the global environment, including climate change, urbanisation and sustainable use of natural resources.

Join the Let’s Go Out Together event on 17 May 2018

This year the Day Trip to Forest for Finnish children and international Outdoor Classroom Day will take place on Thursday 17 May. These joint events encourage everybody to go outdoors with their children to enjoy nature and the spring. The Ministry of the Environment supports the campaign.

Testing of EU indicators for measuring resource efficiency in building started

The testing of the common EU indicators for resource efficiency in building was started a in a workshop of the Ministry of the Environment, Green Building Council Finland (GBC Finland), Building Information Group (Rakennustieto) and Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland ARA in December 2017. The workshop was attended by about 50 professionals in the building sector.

Protection of the Arctic marine environment – Interview with Kristiina Isokallio, representative of Finland

Kristiina Isokallio, Senior International Adviser at the Ministry of the Environment, deals with issues related to the protection of the Arctic marine areas in the working group on the Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment (PAME). For Isokallio, September will be a busy time as Finland’s Arctic Council Chairmanship means attending meetings and workshops related to the marine environment.

Minister Tiilikainen at the Arctic Energy Summit: The long-term goal of the Paris agreement requires significant replacement of fossil fuels


“The long-term goal of the Paris Agreement requires significant replacement of fossil fuels by renewables as well as enhancing energy efficiency and energy savings”, said Kimmo Tiilikainen, minister for Housing, Energy and the Environment in his opening speech at the Arctic Energy Summit held in Helsinki 18-20 September.

Closer Finnish-Japanese cooperation in environmental research

The Finnish Environment Institute SYKE and the National Institute for Environmental Studies of Japan NIES have signed a cooperation document to promote joint projects between the two institutes. The aim is to improve the exchange of information between the countries, strengthen the research networks, and support joint research on a long-term basis. The initiative to the agreement came from Japan.

International Resource Panel links its work more closely to the sustainable development goals

The focus of the United Nations Environment Programme International Resource Panel’s will be increasingly on supporting achieving the sustainable development goals.

International Resource Panel meets in Helsinki on 6–9 June

The top names in the use of natural resources and environmental impacts come together this week in Finland as the International Resource Panel under the United Nations Environment Programme UNEP meets in Helsinki on 6–9 June. The 20th meeting of the Panel has specific strategic importance: on the agenda are the update of the Panel’s strategy and work programme for the next four years and completing the ongoing research projects.

The e-mail addresses of the Ministry of Environment have been changed to domain @ym.fi

The e-mail addresses of the Ministry of Environment have been changed from domain @ymparisto.fi to domain @ym.fi. Messages sent to the old address will no longer be delivered, only e-mails sent to firstname.lastnam@ym.fi addresses will reach the Ministry.
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