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Mini-seminar: Options for enhancing the global governance landscape on plastic pollution

News 2017-01-11 at 10:58
nordic seminar

Time: 17 January 2017, 12:45–14:00
Location: House of Estates (Room 3), Snellmaninkatu 9, Helsinki

Global plastic production is continuously increasing, but many countries lack adequate waste collection systems. Consequently, discarded plastic often ends up in the environment and accumulates in the oceans in ever-greater quantities. As a result, sea life is endangered and human health is put at risk. The seminar will explore how the United Nations system at present addresses plastic pollution and will provide insight into how existing conventions and other instruments can be better put to use. The seminar will also discuss whether a new convention to address plastic pollution is needed. All interested parties are welcome to attend. The language of the seminar is English.

Presentation: Dr Nils Simon, Senior Project Manager, Adelphi

Chair: Maria Laamanen, Senior Environmental Adviser, Ministry of the Environment of Finland


Niko Urho, Senior Adviser, Ministry of the Environment of Finland, firstname.lastname@ym.fi, p. +358 295 250 379.