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Minister Tiilikainen at the Arctic Energy Summit: The long-term goal of the Paris agreement requires significant replacement of fossil fuels

News 2017-09-18 at 11:20

“The long-term goal of the Paris Agreement requires significant replacement of fossil fuels by renewables as well as enhancing energy efficiency and energy savings”, said Kimmo Tiilikainen, minister for Housing, Energy and the Environment in his opening speech at the Arctic Energy Summit held in Helsinki 18-20 September.

“Climate change is the major factor in the Arctic which will determine the development paths in the region in the long-term future. We need to mitigate climate change by all possible means, to strengthen the resilience of the communities, and to raise awareness of the challenges of the Arctic. Climate change is at the core of the Finnish Chairmanship of the Arctic Council, just as it is in Finnish energy and climate policies”, Tiilikainen continued.

“In addition to the commitments to reduce greenhouse gases under Paris Agreement, there are complementary measures to curb the melting of the Arctic. Black carbon is a short-lived climate pollutant, which contributes heavily to climate change by increasing temperatures and accelerating ice and snow melt. Black carbon is a long range pollutant and this means that emission reductions both in the Arctic Countries, but also all over the world are important.”

“Implementing climate action around the world and introducing carbon pricing increase demand for clean and low carbon solutions, including renewable energy. At the same time we can improve our energy security, efficiency and sustainability of our energy systems and achieve our common Sustainable Development Goals. This also means better competitiveness for our companies. It is indeed a positive agenda for our economies”, Tiilikainen concluded.

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