Minister Tiilikainen in Cancun: We need to do more for nature

News 2016-12-05 at 12:50
Minister Tiilikainen with Ambassador Roy Eriksson.jpg
Minister Kimmo Tiilikainen with Mr Roy Eriksson, Finland's Ambassador to Mexico, in the opening ceremony of the High Level Segment of COP 13 in Cancun, Mexico © Photo: Katja Huumo



Minister of Agriculture and the Environment of Finland, Mr Kimmo Tiilikainen, stressed the common need to do more for the well-being of biodiversity in his address at the High Level Luncheon Event on Biodiversity and Sustainable Development in Cancun, Mexico. The event was held on Friday 2nd December as part of the High level Segment of the thirteenth Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 13).

Minister Tiilikainen called for a wider approach to tackle the decline of biodiversity. “The conservation, restoration and sustainable use of biodiversity can provide solutions to wide range of societal challenges.”

In his address, Minister Tiilikainen concentrated particularly on the role of sustainable management of commercial forests.

“In Finland, the outlines for targets and actions concerning the commercial forests are brought together in our National Forest Strategy 2025. It integrates all forest-related targets that come from different international, EU and national strategies and programmes. They cover biodiversity, sustainable development, energy and climate, as well as rural and regional policies.”

“The implementation of the Forest Strategy is guided by Forest Council that has about thirty members and is chaired by myself. The composition of the Forest Council takes into account the three pillars of sustainable development. It has members for example from WWF, land owners and forest-based industries, as well as from the Sámi Parliament that represents indigenous peoples.”

“Forest and timber certification systems cover many aspects of sustainable development, including environmental and social protection. Approximately 85 per cent of commercially managed forests in Finland are certified according to the PEFC or FSC standard.”

Additionally, in his address Minister Tiilikainen broke the news to his international audience about Finland’s decision to honour its nature with an official flagging day on the 26th August in 2017 as part of the celebrations on the 100th anniversary of the country’s independence.

“The flagging day symbolizes the fact that nature conservation concerns all of us and it should be a national interest - in every single country around the world.“

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