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National park to Hossa to celebrate Finland's 100 years of independence

The Government has given a legislative proposal concerning the designation of areas in Hossa, Suomussalmi as the 40th national park in Finland. The new national park is part of Finland’s centenary ce...

EUR 148,000 allocated to experimental projects promoting the digitalisation of the built environment and construction sector

The KIRA-digi project has allocated a total of EUR 148,000 to six experimental projects promoting the digitalisation of the built environment and construction sector. The focus areas of these projects...

High-level segment started the biodiversity conference in Cancun

The 13th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 13), ongoing in Cancun, Mexico, aims to speed up the work done to halt the loss of biological diversity...

Minister Tiilikainen to visit Mexico on a trade mission on 28 November–1 December

Minister of Agriculture and the Environment Kimmo Tiilikainen, accompanied by a business delegation, will visit Mexico on 28 November–1 December 2016. This is one of Team Finland export promotion visi...

Minister Tiilikainen to visit Algeria on a trade mission on 20–21 November

Minister of Agriculture and the Environment Kimmo Tiilikainen, accompanied by a business delegation, will visit Algeria on 20–21 November 2016, on the invitation of Abdeslam Chelgham, the Algerian Min...

Finland ratifies the Paris Agreement

Finland is now among the countries which have ratified the Paris climate change agreement as our ratification document was delivered to the UN Secretary-General in New York on Monday 14 November. This...

Paris Climate Change Agreement enters into force today – Marrakesh Climate Change Conference starts on Monday

The UN climate change negotiations continue in Marrakesh, Morocco on 7-18 November. The nations of the world meet in Marrakesh in a situation where the Paris Climate Change Agreement has just entered ...

Boost to green infrastructure across Europe

Experts on green infrastructure met this week in Koli in the North Karelia region of Finland. The purpose of the meeting was to share good practices among the European Green Belt countries and other s...

Less regulation - Ministry of the Environment and Finnish Commerce Federation agree on restricting the use of plastic carrier bags

On 31 October 2016, Kimmo Tiilikainen, Minister of Agriculture and the Environment, and Juhani Pekkala, Managing Director of the Finnish Commerce Federation signed a Green Deal on actions to restrict ...

Help Find Finland’s Best Biodiversity Input 2015–2016

The best input for halting the loss of biodiversity is being looked for again in Finland. The National Committee of Finland of IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature needs your help in f...

Finnish delegation headed by Minister Tiilikainen to attend the UN Conference on Sustainable Urban Development

Finland participates in the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development in Quito, Ecuador on 17–20 October 2016. At the Conference the states will agree on a New Urban Agend...

Combating homelessness turns to prevention – pilot for apartment insurance starts

The focus on reducing homelessness is turning to prevention in accordance with the programme approved by the Government. One aspect of prevention is the new insurance coverage for apartments, which wi...

EU Ministers agree to fast-track ratification of Paris agreement

EU Ministers for the Environment agreed to speed up the process for the ratification of Paris agreement during an extraordinary Environment Council meeting on 30 September 2016 in Brussels. Agreement ...

IUCN Brings Together Top Expertise in Nature Conservation to Hawaii

The sixth IUCN World Conservation Congress opens today in Hawaii. The largest nature conservation gathering in the world, the IUCN WCC will gather over 8000 delegates: specialists and decision makers ...

Minister Tiilikainen: The proposal by the European Commission on implementing the Paris Agreement presents a challenging target for Finland

Today, the European Commission presented the remaining proposals on implementing the Paris Agreement within the European Union. A proposal on emissions trading related to energy production and industr...

Minister Tiilikainen presents Finland's model for sustainable development in the UN

Minister of Agriculture and the Environment Kimmo Tiilikainen will present Finland's model for sustainable development at a High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, which will be held at...

Unesco's World Heritage Committee meets in Istanbul from 10 to 20 July

Unesco's World Heritage Committee will hold its 40th session in Istanbul, Turkey, on 10 –20 July. Finland is a member of the Committee in 2014–2017. The Committee will nominate new cultural and natura...

Finland has decided on the enactment of the Nagoya Protocol on access to and use of genetic resources

Today, the Finnish Government approved a decree that ratifies the enactment of Nagoya Protocol in Finland. The Nagoya Protocol supplements the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, which is the first...

Observation of the critically endangered Baltic Sea harbour porpoise starts again

Early summer is a good time to observe harbour porpoises in the Baltic Sea waters. Harbour porpoise is the only species of cetaceans in the Baltic Sea, and it is critically endangered. The population ...

Shift towards prevention in reducing homelessness

On June 9, the Government issued a resolution on the Action Plan for Preventing Homelessness in Finland 2016–2019. The plan consistently emphasises early recognition of the risk of becoming homeless a...


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