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Minister Mikkonen to attend UN Secretary-General's Climate Summit and Sustainable Development Summit in New York

Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Krista Mikkonen will travel to New York for the UN Secretary-General's Climate Summit and the Sustainable Development Summit in New York on 20–26 September. The meetings are part of the opening week of the UN General Assembly.

Finland aims to improve water quality in the Baltic Sea by applying gypsum to fields

The Finnish Ministry of the Environment is enhancing the protection of the Baltic Sea by launching a research project on the gypsum treatment of fields. The object of the project is to promote the use of gypsum to treat fields in the countries around the Baltic Sea in order to reduce nutrient leaching from agriculture and improve the water quality in the sea.

Negotiations begin on new targets for halting biodiversity loss – revised objectives under preparation for 2030, 2040 and 2050

Negotiations for a new global biodiversity framework and associated targets began on 27-30 August in Nairobi, Kenya. The framework will include long and short-term measures to promote biodiversity.

Method for assessing the carbon footprint of buildings to be tested by construction projects

The Ministry of the Environment will start testing the method for assessing the carbon footprint of buildings. By means of the testing period starting in autumn 2019 and ending in summer 2020, it is investigated how well the method prepared by the Ministry of the Environment is applicable to ordinary planning and construction projects.

Tighter rules on international trade in endangered species – stronger protection for elephants and endangered marine species

The Conference of the Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) ended today on 28 August, after taking significant steps towards protecting nature and species. The European Union made a successful contribution to improving the protection for elephants, endangered reptiles and marine species.
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Published 2019-05-24 at 13:44, updated 2019-05-27 at 13:38