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Press releases 2017 - press releases

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Renovated wastewater treatment plant in Petrozavodsk reduces eutrophication of Lake Onega

The renovated Petrozavodsk wastewater treatment plant reduces the eutrophying emissions from the city to Lake Onega and improves the quality of drinking water. The plant will be opened on 19 December....

EU agreed on including the land use sector (LULUCF) in the 2030 climate policy targets

On 14 December the trilogue between the EU Member States, the Commission and Parliament reached a preliminary agreement on the LULUCF Regulation, i.e. how carbon sinks and emissions caused by the use ...

Revised national land use guidelines: towards a low-carbon society

Today, on 14 December, the Finnish Government gave a decision on the revised national land use guidelines. The purpose of the guidelines is to make sure that matters of national significance are taken...

Minister Kimmo Tiilikainen elected Vice President of the Bureau of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA)

Minister of the Environment, Energy and Housing Kimmo Tiilikainen was elected Vice President of the Bureau of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA). The Bureau, composed of ten Ministers of the Environme...

Experimenting and public procurement among the priorities in the Action Plan for a Circular Economy

Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s Government aims to develop Finland into a pioneer of the bioeconomy, circular economy and cleantech sectors. The priorities of the action plan are sustainable and innovati...

Minister Tiilikainen a candidate to the Bureau of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA)

Minister of the Environment, Energy and Housing of Finland Kimmo Tiilikainen has been nominated as the candidate of the EU and other western countries to the Bureau of the UN Environment Assembly (UNE...

Finland co-founds a Powering Past Coal alliance in Bonn Climate Conference

Minister Tiilikainen: Bill banning the use of coal for energy due next year

Meeting of Arctic Environment Ministers and Biodiversity Congress in Rovaniemi in October 2018

Next year, on 9-12 October, Finland will host a meeting of the Arctic Environment Ministers and the Arctic Biodiversity Congress in Rovaniemi. The events are part of the programme of Finland’s Chairma...

Climate Conference in Bonn starts on Monday 6 November

The UN climate change negotiations continue in Bonn, Germany on 6-17 November. On the agenda are the details of the Paris Climate Change Agreement adopted in 2015, i.e. concrete rules on how the emiss...

Environment Ministers to agree on the LULUCF regulation

The EU Ministers of the Environment meet in Luxembourg on Friday 13 October to discuss effort sharing in the non-ETS sectors under the 2030 climate package and the so-called LULUCF regulation.

Minister Tiilikainen to attend the first meeting of the parties to the Mercury Convention in Geneva on 29 September: “Important convention for the Arctic region”

The Minamata Convention on Mercury is a recent global treaty to protect human health and the environment from the adverse effects of mercury. Minister for Housing, Energy and the Environment Kimmo Tii...

China and the EU strengthen cooperation to improve water security

Today, on 21 September 2017, China, the European Commission and several EU Member States signed a Declaration in Turku to strengthen water cooperation between the EU and China. The aim is to join for...

Montreal Protocol signed 30 years ago has grown into a success story in international environmental protection

16 September marks the 30th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol. Thanks to the protocol, the ozone layer is now recovering and it is expected to be almost fully restored in about 50 to 70 years. All ...

First medium-term climate change plan under the Finnish Climate Change Act completed

On Thursday 14 September 2017, the Finnish Government adopted the medium-term climate change plan to 2030. The plan ‘Towards Climate-Smart Day-to-Day Living’ sets out the necessary means to reduce gre...

Minister for Housing, Energy and the Environment Kimmo Tiilikainen on the LULUCF: the Parliament looks ahead, not in the rear mirror

Minister for Housing, Energy and the Environment Tiilikainen is happy with today’s vote at the European Parliament concerning the climate impacts of the forest sector in the EU’s climate package.

Minister Tiilikainen to celebrate Finland’s Nature Day

The fourth Nature Day of the year will be celebrated on 26 August in tens of events across the country. As far as we know, Finland will be the first country in the world to raise the national flag to ...

Earth Overshoot Day is today – food contributes significantly to the environmental burden

Today, Wednesday, 2 August humanity has used up the renewable natural resources the Earth generates this year. Food production and the greenhouse gas emissions caused by transport and living are the m...

New action plan to boost Finland’s sustainable urban development

The Ministry of the Environment of Finland is launching a national action plan for sustainable urban development. The priorities are, in particular, low-carbon approach, efficient use of resources, sm...

Implementation of the EU climate package and Paris Agreement on the agenda of the Environment Ministers’ meeting

The EU Ministers of the Environment meet in Luxembourg on Monday 19 May. They will discuss two legislative proposals concerning sectors not covered by the Emissions Trading System (non-ETS sectors): e...

Circular economy professionals meet at the World Circular Economy Forum

The first World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) brought together large numbers of people, organisations and companies with interests in sustainable development and the circular economy at Finlandia Hall...


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