The land of 1,000 lakes and 100 climate solutions

News 2016-08-12 at 12:17
© Photo: Maire Peuraniemi, Environmental Administration's Image Bank

The world urgently needs climate solutions to implement the much heralded Paris Agreement. Now Finnish experts believe their small northern country can go a long way in providing them.

A recent report commissioned by the government identified climate solutions Finland is particularly good at. To pinpoint the most promising innovations, the authors used various methods ranging from cleantech prizes to an online crowdsourcing platform.

The report came up with a total of 100 climate solutions to celebrate the centenary of Finnish independence next year. Solutions are further grouped in 12 baskets called “the clean dozen”, highlighting clusters of specific expertise.

“What struck me was not only how many exciting climate solutions there are, but also how diverse the Finnish expertise really is. Solutions range from energy-efficient shipping to sustainable biofuels and vegetable-based alternatives to meat”, remarks the author of the report, Oras Tynkkynen from Tyrsky Consulting.

Baskets include also efficient energy production, smart energy solutions, electric transport and wood-based materials. It is not just about technology – Finland has a lot to offer when it comes to sustainable forestry, climate education and effective policies as well.

“Just like Finland is called the country of thousand lakes – when in fact there are close to 200,000 lakes – these 100 climate solutions in the report are just the tip of the iceberg”, argues Outi Honkatukia, Finland’s chief negotiator for climate change.

Finland has been working on cleantech for years, seeing it as one of the most promising sources of future income and jobs. The Nordic country ranks second in both the Global Cleantech Innovation Index as well as the EU Eco-Innovation Scoreboard. There are more than 3,000 Finnish companies working on cleantech, delivering a turnover of 26 billion euros.