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Green Deals

A Green Deal is a voluntary agreement between the State and the business sector. Agreements can be concluded with public sector bodies as well. The aim is to take joint action to promote the Sustainable Development Goals by seeking solutions to mitigate climate change and promote a circular economy.

The agreements contribute to better implementation of the current legislation or complement this. They may also set stricter targets and help to achieve certain targets without further regulation.

The parties to the agreement make ambitious, measurable commitments aiming to achieve environmentally and socially significant impacts. The outcomes of the Green Deal agreements should be such that they can be reached in a relatively short term, with the monitoring practices also specified in the agreement. The parties to the agreement try to produce added value compared to the current situation by seeking new solutions and operating models for certain selected challenges. The agreement sets out the measures the parties to the agreement and the companies committed to it are to undertake to reach the objectives.

Green Deal agreements and the commitments to them are part of Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development launched by the Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development. The companies undertake to promote the objectives set out in the agreements and take measures listed in them by making a commitment approved by the ministries on the Commitment 2050 website. Read more about the Green Deals and Society’s Commitment:

Green Deals concluded by the Ministry of the Environment

  • Plastic Carrier Bag Agreement with the Federation of Finnish Commerce (2016). The aim is that by 2025 the annual number of plastic carrier bags used per person would be 40 or less (Commitment 2050, in Finnish).
  • Green deal agreement for the benefit of the climate (2018), concluded by the Ministry of Transport and Communications and Ministry of the Environment with the Association of Automobile Industry in Finland and Finnish Central Organisation for Motor Trades and Repairs. The key aim is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the transport sector. The Green Deal is in force until the end of 2025 (Commitment 2050, in Finnish).
  • Green Deal on Developing National Waste Oil Management, concluded with Environmental Industries (YTP) (2019). The objective of the agreement is to increase the effectiveness of waste oil management and the recycling rate of waste oil throughout Finland (Commitment 2050, in Finnish).


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