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Action plans ensure biodiversity

METSO, logo (suomi)The Government and the environmental administration have launched extensive nature conservation programmes, based on the Nature Conservation Act and various action plans for safeguarding biodiversity.

Forest Biodiversity Programme for Southern Finland (METSO)

METSO, or the Forest Biodiversity Programme for Southern Finland, combines forest biodiversity conservation and maintenance with commercial use. The programme is aimed at halting the decline in forest species and habitats, and establishing favourable trends in forest biodiversity. It is set to run until 2025.

METSO is coordinated by the Ministry of the Environment, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Further information

Mikko Kuusinen, Environment Counsellor, tel. +358 2952 50145, firstname.lastname@ym.fi

Terhi Ryttäri, Image Bank of the Environmental Administration

National action plan for species protection

The environmental administration is preparing a national action plan for species protection. The action plan

  • defines the focus areas and resources of species protection, as well as the division of the related tasks
  • harmonises the control of operations
  • investigates the possibilities of reducing bureaucracy associated with exemption procedures related to species protection.

The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) and Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY-centres), the state forest administration Metsähallitus and the Finnish Museum of Natural History proposed an action plan for species protection in January 2012.

On the basis of the proposal, species protection has been regionally implemented and negotiations for regional protection, maintenance and the follow-up of species have been initiated. In 2012, the negotiations touched on plants, bryophytes, lichen and some groups of insects occurring within the areas of six ELY-centres. The objective is to launch negotiations, concerning species requiring urgent protection in all organism groups, within the areas of all ELY-centres by 2015.

Further information

Esko Hyvärinen, Environment Counsellor, tel. +2952 50094, firstname.o.surname@ym.fi

Action plan for improving the state of threatened habitat types in Finland

An action plan for improving the state of threatened habitat types in Finland was completed in 2008. Commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment, this action plan was prepared by SYKE.

During the period up to 2020, the action has the primary objective of preventing any deterioration in the threat status of habitat types and of improving their status.

Means of achieving this goal include

  • improving the quality of information on and information systems concerning habitat types
  • developing additional means of preserving, maintaining and restoring habitats
  • developing financial incentives concerning the use of areas and natural resources, and means of steering their use
  • monitoring developments in the condition of threatened habitat types and assessing the effectiveness of measures taken.

Further information

Aulikki Alanen, Environment Counsellor, tel. +358 02952 50333, firstname.lastname@ym.fi

Development of recreational use of nature and nature tourism

In 2003, the Government adopted a resolution on an action plan for developing the recreational use of nature and nature tourism. This action plan contains 30 measures promoting such a use of nature. These measures are categorised under four main goals:

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