Funding for research and development

The Ministry of the Environment finances research and development activities that serve governance by supporting:

  • forecasting of operations.
  • preparation, development and implementation of national and international environmental policy and legislation.
  • decision-making. 

The use of the ministry's appropriations for research and development activities is planned under the direction of the Research Director of the Ministry of the Environment. The departments of the ministry are in charge of administering research and development appropriations allocated to them.

Instructions and forms (in Finnish)

The projects that have started before 30.11.2015 use the old version of the instruction (VANHA OHJE)

Further information

All emails:

Tanja Suni, Research Director, tel. +358 295 250 013

Natural environment:
Pekka Harju-Autti, Counsellor, tel. +358 295 250 339

Built environment:
Juha-Pekka Maijala, Senior Engineer, tel. +358 295 250 173

Environmental protection:
Pasi Iivonen, HRD Manager, tel. +358 295 250 098


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