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Strategy 2030 - A better environment for future generations

Strategiakuva 2030

The revised strategy of the Ministry of the Environment stretches to 2030. The strategy has three broad impact objectives to ensure a sustainable living environment and growth. The strategy evolves over time. Measures and concrete paths of actions that take us towards the objectives are updated on an annual basis.

Good environment and diverse nature

  • A good status of the Baltic Sea has been achieved
  • Loss of biodiversity has been halted and a favourable status has been secured
  • Development of the living environment enhances human wellbeing
  • Environmental risks have been identified and they are being managed

Carbon-neutral circular economy society

  • Finland has significantly reduced its greenhouse gas emissions
  • Circular economy renews the society
  • Natural resources are used sparingly and sustainably
  • Buildings have a low-carbon and material-efficient lifecycle

Sustainable urban development

  • Urban districts promote the sustainable growth of regions
  • Local environments are socially and ecologically sustainable
  • Housing solutions meet the demand and needs of different population groups
  • Development of urban and rural areas is mutually supportive and interactive



Juho Korpi, Director for Development, firstname.lastname@ym.fi, tel. +358 295 250 136


Published 2018-05-29 at 14:51, updated 2019-03-28 at 10:55