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Apply for an internship at the Ministry of the Environment!

Would you like to be involved in creating a society that takes responsibility for the environment, safeguards biodiversity and builds sustainable cities? At the Ministry of the Environment, you can have an impact on these matters and on many other important questions related to nature and the built environment.

We at the Ministry of the Environment are passionate about the state of the environment. We also value a comfortable work community, are interested in developing our expertise and wish to engage in cooperation with a variety of stakeholders, both within the central government and with companies and organisations.

You can apply for vacancies at the Ministry of the Environment via the Valtiolle.fi recruitment service. More details on how to apply can be found in the advertisement for each position.

Apply for an internship at the Ministry of the Environment

Several interns from higher education institutions work at the Ministry of the Environment every year, and many of them have stayed on as employees. The Ministry of the Environment plans the interns’ tasks in a way that supports their studies in the best possible way. Interns at the Ministry get to work in a variety of challenging tasks, including in different kinds of projects.

Internship opportunities are available for students in a variety of fields. We have positions for experts in law, geography, natural sciences, politics, administrative sciences and communications. The focus of the internships varies from year to year, so be sure to check for new postings! You can also ask your subject association about the opportunity to participate in visits organised by the Ministry of the Environment.

We would appreciate an internship subsidy from your higher education institution, but you can also apply without it.

The Ministry of the Environment publishes its internships every year in December-January. The internships are advertised via the Aarresaari Career Services Network for Finnish universities.

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