Work or internship at the Ministry of the Environment

Would you like to be involved in building a society that takes responsibility for the environment, ensuring we maintain the diversity of nature and creating an environment that promotes wellbeing? The Ministry of the Environment offers an opportunity to influence these important matters and many others.

A large number of public servants will retire from the Ministry of the Environment over the next few years. Therefore, the need to employ competent staff will be further emphasised in the future.

The advertisements for vacant positions at the Ministry of the Environment are published on the Government’s recruitment websites. The details on how to apply can be found in the advertisement for each position.

Internship at the Ministry of the Environment

Several interns from higher education institutions work at the Ministry of the Environment every year. These interns are recruited in cooperation with higher education institutions.

The Ministry of the Environment plans the interns’ work tasks in a manner that supports the students’ studies in the best possible way. The interns’ work tasks mostly consist of expert work.

Available internships are notified annually to the academic affairs secretaries of higher education institutions, who will provide the details of the vacant positions and the application procedure. In December, the Ministry of the Environment sends the internship offers directly to the higher education institutions and they then become available for application in the higher education institutions’ information channels. An internship subsidy from the higher education institution is desirable, but not necessary.

Available internships are also announced at, the website of the academic recruitment services.

It is also possible to complete an internship in support functions as a secretary intern. The Ministry notifies these placements to the study secretaries of education institutions, so it is a good idea to keep an eye on the communications channels of one’s own school.

Enquiries about opportunities for internships in the Ministry of the Environment can be made to the Ministry’s human resources officer.

Published 2013-08-01 at 9:42, updated 2019-03-29 at 11:49