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Guidance for adaptation to climate change

Finland has prepared a National Climate Change Adaptation Plan, which is managed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The plan outlines measures for various sectors, aimed at improving their ability to anticipate the impacts of climate change, and to prepare for and adapt to such impacts. A key policy outline is that adaptation to climate change should be part of normal planning, implementation and development within these sectors. The plan was approved on 20 November 2014.

Following the entry into force of the Climate Change Act in June 2015, the Government must approve the national adaptation plan for climate change at least once every ten years. The adaptation plan includes a risk and vulnerability review, as well as action plans on adaptations specific to each administrative branch, if necessary.


The implementation of adaptation measures requires cooperation across administrative branches, since several social sectors must adapt to climate change. In 2008, the Ministry of the Environment launched an action plan on adaptation to climate change within the Ministry's administrative branch.

The European Union promotes solidarity between Member States and regions, and coordinates the international response to the challenges of adaptation. The UN and the European Union are currently drafting an international strategy for adaptation to climate change.

Key adaptation measures in the environmental administration

Key adaptation measures within the environmental administration focus on safeguarding biodiversity, land use, construction activities and buildings, and environmental and water resources protection.

With respect to biodiversity, it is essential to improve the monitoring of species and information management and to make the protection of species more effective.

Adaptation measures in the field of land use are directed at ensuring that national land use objectives, the Land Use and Building Act, and the guidance for land use planning provide a sufficient basis for preparing for climate change. Better preparation for climate change in flood risk areas is particularly important.

In the field of construction, it must be ensured that preparedness for climate change is taken into account in the guidance for construction activities. Property owners and other key stakeholders must have sufficient information on practical preparations for climate change.

In terms of environmental protection, it must be ensured that preparations for risks posed by floods and extreme weather cover adaptation to climate change. For its part, water resources protection requires adaptation measures for preventing environmental loads on water bodies.

Parties responsible for adaptation to climate change

In attending to their responsibilities, municipalities are playing an important role in adaptation to climate change. They are launching, implementing and assessing adaptation measures required within their municipal boundaries. The centres for economic development, transport and the environment are also supporting adaptation in their respective regions.

The public costs of adaptation to climate change mainly relate to the strengthening, repair or protection of infrastructure. Property owners are also responsible for such costs. In particular, they can prepare for the effects of climate through the design and maintenance of buildings.

Further information

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