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Municipal climate change solutions programme (2018–2023)

Local authorities have a key role in implementing international and national climate agreements. Nationally-agreed emission reduction targets are translated into action at the local level. Municipalities set the framework for the everyday activities by providing heating, public transport and local infrastructure, for example.

The municipal climate change solutions programme of the Ministry of the Environment boosts climate work in Finnish municipalities and regions. The aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in municipalities and regions as much as possible in a way that is fast, cost-effective, and widely accepted.

The only way Finland will achieve carbon neutrality by 2035 is through active and effective climate-related work in municipalities and regions. Within their respective territories, the local governments are responsible for land use and zoning, transport planning, ownership steering of energy companies, and choice of heating systems for buildings. Besides their own climate actions, there are many ways how municipalities can promote the climate work done by the residents, businesses, farmers and other stakeholders. Municipalities are the key players in facilitating, inspiring and boosting local and regional climate work and in providing the platforms for this.

Almost half of the Finns live in municipalities that aim to be carbon-neutral by 2030. According to the new emissions calculation system of the Finnish Environment Institute, however, the emissions of municipalities in the effort-sharing sector have decreased by only 12% in 2005–2017. This quite modest reduction in emissions relative to the carbon neutrality target shows that further action is needed to promote climate work in municipalities.

Important steps to reach the target

  • Promoting and boosting climate work in municipalities and regions
  • Improving and strengthening the flow of information and cooperation relating to climate work between the central government and local governments
  • Financing of local and regional climate solutions
  • Disseminating the best tools and practices for climate work and its financing

Funding for climate work in municipalities and regions

The municipal climate change solutions programme supports climate work in municipalities and regions through procurement operations and government grants. Most of the funding under the programme is directly targeted to supporting municipal and regional climate projects concerned with introducing best practices for climate action and testing new ones. Part of the funding from the programme will also be used for procurement operations on the national level that are intended to facilitate climate work in municipalities and regions, including by developing joint operating models, communication materials, knowledge base, and education and training.

Examples of municipal and regional climate projects funded from the programme (in Finnish):

Examples of procurement operations on the national level (in Finnish):

More information:

Olli-Pekka Pietiläinen, Project Manager, tel. +358 295 250 316, firstname.lastname@ym.fi
Miia Berger, Senior Specialist, Tel. +358 295 250 265, firstname.lastname@ym.fi

Twitter: #kuntienilmastoratkaisut

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