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We are reforming the Nature Conservation Act

How should the Nature Conservation Act be amended? Take the survey and have your say!

The process to reform the Nature Conservation Act has been started with an online survey to hear the people’s views in the very beginning of the process. The project comprises the reform of the Nature Conservation Act and Nature Conservation Decree and drafting of a new act concerning the compensation for damages caused by protected species. The third element to be developed is ecological compensation. The survey will be open until 21 February 2020. Read more

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Nature Panel seeks members – independent panel of scientists to promote biodiversity

The mission of the Nature Panel will be clarified by dividing its tasks between the Finnish Nature Panel and the Finnish IPBES Working Group. The Finnish Nature Panel will be an independent scientific body that supports decision-making concerning biodiversity, instead of being composed of both scientists and public officials as it used to be.

EU’s new Drinking Water Directive improves the safety of water intended for human consumption

The ambassadors of the EU Member States adopted 5 February a shared political agreement on the content of the new Drinking Water Directive. The new Drinking Water Directive is aimed at guaranteeing a higher quality of drinking water, enhancing the accessibility of water, increasing the communication of information about water management and improving the energy efficiency of water utilities in the entire Union.

Minister Mikkonen to Barents Environmental Ministers’ Meeting in Luleå

On Wednesday 5 February, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Krista Mikkonen will attend the Barents Euro-Arctic Council (BEAC) Ministerial Meeting on Environment in Luleå, Sweden. At the meeting, Finland will take over the Chairmanship of the Working Group on Environment (WGE), tasked with promoting environmental cooperation between the Nordic countries and Russia.
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