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Observation of the critically endangered Baltic Sea harbour porpoise starts again

Early summer is a good time to observe harbour porpoises in the Baltic Sea waters. Harbour porpoise is the only species of cetaceans in the Baltic Sea, and it is critically endangered. The population in the main basin of the Baltic Sea is estimated at about 500 specimens. The estimate is based on monitoring conducted in the international SAMBAH project, where an underwater acoustic monitoring network was placed in the Baltic Sea. Data from observations by citizens is a valuable addition to the research and protection of harbour porpoises. 

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Implementation of the EU climate package and Paris Agreement on the agenda of the Environment Ministers’ meeting

The EU Ministers of the Environment meet in Luxembourg on Monday 19 May. They will discuss two legislative proposals concerning sectors not covered by the Emissions Trading System (non-ETS sectors): effort-sharing among Member States with regard to the climate targets to 2030 and the role of the land use, land use change and forestry sector (LULUCF) in the climate framework.

International Resource Panel links its work more closely to the sustainable development goals

The focus of the United Nations Environment Programme International Resource Panel’s will be increasingly on supporting achieving the sustainable development goals.
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European Environment Agency on a country visit to Finland

The European Environment Agency pays a country visit to Finland on 5 June 2017. Executive Director Hans Bruyninckx tells about the purpose of the visit and brings a special message to Finland that celebrates the centenary of its independence. See Bruyninckx's presentation SlideShare.

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