Karhu poikasineen
© Tuomo Björksten, Image Bank of the Environmental Administration

Learn about large carnivores in Finland at largecarnivores.fi

Finland has long experience in protecting large carnivores and managing their populations, and indeed there is wide interest abroad in the Finnish policy on large carnivores. Largecarnivores.fi website offers a lot of information on the four large carnivores: wolf, bear, lynx and wolverine. Besides the highly popular details on the species and their tracks there is information on the conservation and management of large carnivores and their position in society. The website is maintained by the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Metsähallitus, the Finnish Wildlife Agency, the Natural Resources Institute Finland and the Ministry of the Environment.

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Finland has decided on the enactment of the Nagoya Protocol on access to and use of genetic resources

Today, the Finnish Government approved a decree that ratifies the enactment of Nagoya Protocol in Finland. The Nagoya Protocol supplements the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, which is the first general and legally binding international agreement on access to genetic resources and the sharing of benefits. It is aimed at ensuring the conservation of genetic material for future generations and safeguarding the fair and equitable sharing of benefits between providers and users.

Observation of the critically endangered Baltic Sea harbour porpoise starts again

Early summer is a good time to observe harbour porpoises in the Baltic Sea waters. Harbour porpoise is the only species of cetaceans in the Baltic Sea, and it is critically endangered. The population in the main basin of the Baltic Sea is estimated at about 500 specimens. Data from observations by citizens is a valuable addition to the research and protection of harbour porpoises.
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What is the Society’s Commitment to Sustainability?

Watch the video and learn about the Finnish model to implement sustainable development on the ground - the Society's Commitment to Sustainability - and the commitments different actors have made to secure a good life now and for the future generations.

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