You can pick wild berries anywhere. © Jutta Kuure/YHA-kuvapankki

The everyman's right, what does that mean?

Finland’s concept of public access rights, or so-called everyman's rights, refer to the right of everyone in Finland to enjoy outdoor pursuits regardless of who owns or occupies an area. The everyman’s right gives everyone the chance to enjoy the freedom of the country’s vast forests, fells, many lakes and rivers, with very few restrictions.  You can for example pick wild berries anywhere, as long as you don’t disturb other people or the environment. Read more

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Minister Tiilikainen: The proposal by the European Commission on implementing the Paris Agreement presents a challenging target for Finland

Today, the European Commission presented the remaining proposals on implementing the Paris Agreement within the European Union. A proposal on emissions trading related to energy production and industry has already been presented.

Unesco's World Heritage Committee meets in Istanbul from 10 to 20 July

Unesco's World Heritage Committee will hold its 40th session in Istanbul, Turkey, on 10 –20 July. Finland is a member of the Committee in 2014–2017. The Committee will nominate new cultural and natural properties and mixed properties with both cultural and natural values on the World Heritage List. The Committee will also review the protection status of world heritage properties and discuss the strengthening of the financing of world heritage activities. The current number of world heritage prop
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What is the Society’s Commitment to Sustainability?

Watch the video and learn about the Finnish model to implement sustainable development on the ground - the Society's Commitment to Sustainability - and the commitments different actors have made to secure a good life now and for the future generations.

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